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Tan Kim Hock Cendol
Must Try while in Malaysia

Tan Kim Hock Cendol


Cendol, a kind of pandan flavored jelly is served in coconut milk. Nowadays, people has improvised on the Cendol and invented Durian and sometimes, soy flavored Cendol. This is extremely popular with the local tourist but the aroma maybe a bit too pungent for overseas visitors. There are many variations for Cendol desserts offered and one of the best was the shaved ice red bean paste Cendol in rich coconut milk. Upon coming down to Melaka, one should not want to miss the famous Cendol which can be found in Tan Kim Hock Cendol stall with the option of coconut Cendol and Durian Cendol. It is serve on a disposable bowl with a cardboard handle which is recyclable. The Durian Cendol was unique, quite good Durian aroma. Seems like a Dodol-jam kind of syrup poured on to the Cendol.

Tan Kim Hock Cendol Stall Can Fe Found Within Walking Distance From The Chetti Museum.

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