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Editor's Pick for Indonesia - Jakarta

Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal Mosque, or Masjid Istiqlal, (Independence Mosque) in Jakarta, Indonesia is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.[1] This national mosque of Indonesia was built to commemorate Indonesian indep ...
Kota Tua Jakarta
Kota (Indonesian: Kota Tua Jakarta), is a small area in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is also known as Old Jakarta, and Old Batavia (Dutch: Oud Batavia). It spans 1.3 square kilometres of North Jakarta and W ...
Jakarta Car Free Day
Jakarta Car Free Day is a Weekend Gateway for family activities along the busiest road in Jakarta. Activities that ranging from cycling and walking, group aerobic workout and public awareness on pollu ...
Blok M Square
Blok M is a business and shopping quarter located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia. It runs east from Iskandarsyah street to Bulungan street in the west. North from Falatehan street to Mela ...
Lesehan Blok M
If you want to try a local delicacy, 'Lesehan' or a food bazaar is a right place for you to start. Local dishes ranging from Bakso (soupy meatball), Sup Iga Sapi (Rib Soup) and Satay; having t ...
Pasar Kue Subuh
Pasar Kue Pagi a Dawn Pastries Market are famous among the locals in South Jakarta. Variety of pasties is selling on the right wing of the Blok M Square. The 'Kue' are all fresh ...
Kopi Oey
Kopi Oey serves an ordinary Javanese delicacy ranging from Sego Ireng Spesial to Sop Boentoet Pedas (Spicy Ox Tail Soup). A good place to unwind your day while sipping a typical Koffie Soeso ...
Food Fighters
Food Fighters known among locals for contemporary cuisines and its strategic location in Blok M. It is one of many spot places for you to hang out and chill with your friends. There are few stalls or ...