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Kim Yong Market
Thailand - Songkhla / Hadyai

Kim Yong Market

Kim Yong Market

Kim Yong Market


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Kim Yong Market is a local market in the center of Hat Yai city. It is famous for it's imported snacks from Malaysia and Singapore. A lot of the imported snacks, like potato chips, are cheaper here then in the rest of Thailand.The market itself has many small stalls nestled on narrow alleyways. Here you can buy anything from clothes, fruit, snacks, nuts, food, fresh flowers and even make-up, perfume and more.

There are a few markets in Hatyai; located sporadically all around the Hat Yai town but the ones well known to tourists would be the Kim Yong and the Suntisook Market The market is always pack with people by as early as 6.30AM (local time).  Tuk-tuks, vans, bikes, people..they are just squeezing their way into and out of the market.  On both sides of the road, you’ll be greeted with a parade of stalls selling all sorts of stuffs ranging from fruits to vegetables, dried raw ingredients to cooked local delicacies, fresh flowers to edible flowers! So much for your eyes and your stomach to feast on!

Food sold here are cheap.  It can go as low as THB10 and as high as you can purchase.  Fruits here are actually quite good – big and not too pricey (depending on your bargaining skills).  Of course, knowing how you stick out as a tourist, the locals will tend to charge you higher for the non-cooked products such as fruits, flowers, vegetables and dried materials (dried chili, dried shrimps, spices, etc).  Bargain your way around!

Opening Hours

Opens daily from 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

Getting there

From Lee Gardens plaza, walk up a few blocks to the area near Kim Yong Market on Supasarnrangsan Road.

Hayai Rd., Hat Yai, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand

7.011393, 100.470027
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